South Texas Mountain biking

Finally got Tierney over to O.P. schnabel Park in San Antonio TX. I think she had a good time. So many trails and trail features  out there I could not help but smile. We found a pump track to flow through at which point I thought i heard something like weeeeeeeeeeeee that was fun.




Last days in Philly

0430 AM  wake up to find that thrifty doesn’t do parking anymore in fact it has been  a year since they offered that service.

Flight number is not posted so a bunch if us had no idea where we were to board our fight until about 10 minutes before bording time.  Needless  to say the flight was a little late.

Detroit had us on the tarmac over an our because Philly did not have their shit together. What’s new?































What a way to start your last visit to you home town. I did finally make it to my destination all be it an hour late but nothing could compare to the excitement that i felt at the site of my beautiful wife and youngest son who seem pretty happy to see his dad. Did i mention that Tierney was stunning?



so as we left the parking lot of the airport we hardly noticed that we were doing circles on the same level for about 5 minutes. we spent that time trying to get caught up and looking back at our son. At the same time i was going over my trip and and the Detroit airport which  I hadn’t seen before that day. and as usual as soon as we get on the road Tierney utters her favorite on the road sentence “I’m hungry”.

Tanesha’s Graduation

This event went as expected the venue was new to to me especially for an high school graduation. The Dell east is generally a place for old r&b bands and fans to relive old memories. again the event went as expected with scores of families who lack the discipline to STFU when other people are talking. i waited patiently for my baby girl to receive her diploma then i was out….  I had BBQing to do.

Goodbye Philadelphia.