DoogieWoogie going live

I have decided to to go ahead and bring up a site for my youngest son Brandon aka Doogiewoogie. now that he is almost 2 I have a lot of catching up to do so please bare with the older baby pictures. so far there is only to pages: a welcome page and a photo gallery. so head over and enjoy






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I am a Linux Systems Administrator for a growing Hosting company. I recently moved to San Antonio and enjoying the contrast from Philadelphia and looking forward to biking in the winter months as opposed to not, up in the north-east. Did I mention Biking? I have been been mountain bike riding for about 9 years I do some some road but that was generally for commuting. I have a pretty nice bike stable which include a full squishy, a single speed, and a geared hard tail. I also have a single-speed road-bike that I will use from time to time.